One of the hardest struggles that people go through is the struggle to deal with loss. Loss of a loved one, companion, career, etc. Loss, no matter the circumstance, is never easy and is a life changing moment. In my situation, it was the loss of my mom. This lost forever changed my life and is what lead me to where I am today. Many things I once thought important lost their shine. As I struggled to find my way and discover what was truly important – LoveYouLove was born. At its core, LoveYouLove is about taking the time to do something kind for anyone and everyone. The unrewarded acts of kindness by helping others.  

Part of my new life trek is the need to meet people, hear their stories, and document my encounters through photography while actively helping change the world at the same time. My greatest take away – Life is short, eat your cake and share some slices.